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Frank Mahony

Calling all you iPhoneys!!

9/17/2010   Comment on This

I respect Steve Jobs, Apple founder, for being an innovator and pushing for the best technology. But when you take a boneheaded stance, at some point you have to admit defeat and move on – unless your ego is bigger than Cupertino, CA...
Steve Jobs is wrong this time
Jobs has backed some bad decisions and some really smart ones, but taking the stance that the “iPhone will not support Flash” is going to be a bad move in the long run.

The Verizon Motorola Droid just got an update to allow flash in the browser and that makes the phone’s browser almost as powerful as the one on your computer (it’s just smaller)

Will Apple and Jobs eventually come back with their tail between their legs or will you iPhonies forever look at the missing block where the Flash capability ought to be.

Coming soon is the new Windows 7 Phone – I’m sure it will have Flash as well as all the usual Microsoft goodies like Xbox games, Microsoft Office, etc...

I think either: Apple admits they were wrong or eventually their phone device lead will fade and Apple will eventually lose the phone market.

Think I’m wrong? – ask the guys at Motorola how easily the lead slips away.
They had it all locked up at one time.

Thankfully, the Boys From Illinois are back with their Motorola Droid.

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Frank Mahony

The Jet Blue Baby

8/18/2010   ( 1 comment )   Comment on This

Jet Blue Flight Attendant Steven SlaterI’m really tired of hearing about this Jet Blue Idiot. I cannot believe all the comments from people that have sympathy, support, understanding, compassion, and other “feelings” about his “situation.”

What situation?

If someone (really) hit you in the head, you call it an accident or you file a police report if it was actually intended to injure you – you don’t slide down a slide. WTF is that?

He picked a crappy job in the airline industry where he was essentially a servant to air travelers.

Plus, it’s a business where customers are pissed off all the time. flight was delayed, my flight was cancelled, they lost my bags, the seats are uncomfortable, why do I need to buy another seat for my fat ass, stop that baby from screaming, it’s too hot in here, why aren’t the snacks free, the flight attendants are so rude, the flights are too expensive, I don’t want a middle seat...

Jet Blue Flight Attendant Steven SlaterPeople hate the necessary evils of the airline industry. Anyone working in the business, even for a short time, knows what to expect.

We've all had jobs we eventually hated. You either “suck it up” and deal with the hassles of the job in exchange for the paycheck you’re accepting – or you quit.

You go directly to your management and say, “I’m resigning. Do you want me to work out the next two weeks?”

The drama and stupidity and going down the slide like a child are just screams for attention. He’s like an obnoxious kid stomping his feet in the grocery store because you wont buy him a candy bar.

Goodbye and Good Riddance.

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Frank Mahony

Portillo's Drive Through Reform

8/15/2010   Comment on This

I got a salad recently at a Portillo’s Drive-Through. Not the most glamorous lunch, but for some reason, I had a taste for Caesar Salad dressing.

For those of you from Chicago, you know the deal with Portillo’s – the lines at Portillo’s are so long you think you should drive right past – but they have it covered...

Their food is reasonably good as fast food goes, but their real skill is volume. They gave up on those retarded drive through talking-menu aggravation-devices a long time ago.

Portillo's drive troughWhen it’s even a tiny bit busy, they deploy Portillo’s reinforcements out into the front lines of fast food battle with wireless head sets, cash, coin changers, numbered order tickets, wireless credit card processing units and foul weather gear if needed. At some locations the cars get to 15 deep and/or 2 wide - but the lines keep moving quicker than any drive through operation you’ve ever seen.

So, this time, the bag they handed me contained lots of paperwork...

I’m thinking, what is all this crap?

It turned out to be “take out” menus, catering menus, applications for employment – a big stack of stuff in the bag for one food item. Really odd.

It kinda reminded me of walking out of a hospital after having a blood test with all the paperwork and post care instructions, etc...

Then the light bulb went off...

What if you combined Portillo’s drive through efficiency with healthcare?

First, they probably would never let you order anything off their menu ever again – but beyond that, I think they could help with the speed and cost of healthcare.

I can just picture it now...

Drive-through Blood tests, drive-through x-rays, maybe even Drive through Plastic Surgery?


That’s some real healthcare reform.

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