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Frank Mahony

Show Us Your Weiner

6/10/2011   Comment on This

All you people calling for Congressman Anthony Weiner to resign are so far off base!!...

You really don’t get it, do you?

Dude, ur an idiot and a noob – this is the way people are now. what cave are you living in? - this is not, like, the 1950s anymore.

Anthony Weiner Pictures On Twitter - Weinergate - Anthony Weiner ShirtlessYou gotta have "at least" one FBGF or twitter GF – prolly lots or ur a total loser geek.

This ultra cool dude I just chillin with his peeps and keepin in touch like the rest of the world.

I mean, like, nobody cool does anything without tweeting it or posting it to FB. And you gotta put up some pix to get some l0ve. The dude is like totally ripped. He must be in the gym, like all day, or something. If I was that ripped, I would tweet my junk to hotties all day too.

ur just a hater and totally jeal...

Weiner is a real hipster. He’s my new freakin idol. Like - who actually “works” at work anymore? It’s all about how many of ur peeps and hotties are checkin out ur tweets and hittin you up on FB.

I bet they send him some smokin pix too – Yeah! You know it!…

The Weiner Dude is a Total Man of the Peeps – He is teh c0nGr3SSmaN of da future.
He is representin - new style - for the peeps that elected him.
Doing the job like hes sposed ta - right?

A translation table for you internet impaired noobs:

Internet Term Translation
chillin relaxing
c0nGr3SSmaN a way cooler way to spell congressman
FB Facebook
FBGF Facebook Girlfriend
GF Girlfriend
jeal jealous
LMAO Laughing
noob newbie (inexperienced)
peeps people
pix pictures
prolly probably
sposed supposed
ta to
teh THE best, numero uno
ur Your or You're

Hahahahahahaha - ROFL LMAO

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Frank Mahony

In the “Heat” of Retrial, Blago Admits ...

6/6/2011   Comment on This

It was almost all over but the shouting and Former Governor Rod Blagojevich (Blago) certainly knew that his day of inevitability had come.

And so today in open court, with his back up against the wall, Blagojevich finally admitted the truth that he had been avoiding and desperately hiding from everyone, including his lawyers, for all these months and years...

That he is the brain child behind pop music sensation: Justin Beiber

Nobody expected this surprise announcement, especially since so many moments of concealed tape recordings somehow managed to miss the very important megalomaniacal background dealings that it took to catapult his prodigy into the limelight.
Justin BeiberRod Blagojevich (Blago)
“People thought I did it for my fame, for my future and my fortune,” proclaimed Blagojevich, “But they got it all wrong.”

He continued, “I knew this kid was something the moment I heard him and I put everything on the line to secretly mentor him to greatness from the hairstyle right on through to the dance moves…”

“It almost doesn’t matter what they do to me now because I’ve achieved my goal.”

While many were shocked and confused, those closer to the controversy began to nod with understanding.

“It all finally makes sense,” acknowledged prosecutor Reid Schar. “We all thought he was possibly just crazy or mentally disturbed in some way but he had a plan that was bigger than anything we saw on the surface.”

With the popularity of Beiber’s music, the prosecution is now wondering if they have a case left. Prosecutor Schar explained, “Have you seen the arenas the Beiber sells out? How do we get a jury to convict Blagojevich now?”

With the case coming to a close, the question on everyone’s mind is: how did we miss this?

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