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Domestic Violence

3/31/2008   Comment on This

On our March 30th show we had Mike Bischof on as a guest. His sister Cindy Bischof was tragically murdered by her ex-boyfriend who ended up turning into her worst nightmare. He vandalized her home with paint throughout her house. He tried to hang himself in her backyard. This woman lived in four houses and numerous hotels in a ten month period trying to escape. One in twelve women will be stalked in this country. As a protector of women the "mans show" is getting behind this issue in a large way. Write your legislators. Give to Cindy's web site:

Mike is crusading on his sister's behalf to get "Cindy's" bracelet passed which is an electronic monitoring bracelet that is worn by a stalking offender. This bracelet is now used in the state of Illinois to track sexual predators and dead beat dads. This is ridiculous. I am all for the former wearing the bracelet but the state is telling us that these bracelets, at this time, are too harsh for stalkers.

Are you kidding me?

The bracelet is the best thing that could happen to them in my book. They should take these guys and teach them a little religion if you know what I mean. This is what happens when we have a permissive attitude and treat a stalker like a victim. The poor baby had a tough childhood or he was having financial difficulties. We ALL face problems in life.

Let’s reach out and get this passed. Today it was Mike's sister - tomorrow it might be your sister or loved one. Please go to or you can check out the link on our home page.

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Geoff Pinkus

Elliott "Ness" Spitzer Governor of NY

3/15/2008   Comment on This

Why should any of us be surprised by the "GUV' of  New York? Its residents are probably the most cruel and obnoxious individuals on this planet. I realize there are other cities in the state. That being said, we all judge New York by New York City and the "GUV" is from NY city.

Any one living in New York City has to have their head examined. It is truly an outstanding city for a visit, but that's as far as it goes. Mr Spitzer is a perfect poster boy for NY. He is loud, opinionated, obnoxious, mean spirited and hypocritical; I am sorry that he got caught.

His image was beautiful for the state of New York.

On the subject of his indiscretions: paying five grand per hour for a prostitute, some have joked that it only takes 5-10 minutes to do your business and the rest of the time its wasted. I disagree.

Maybe 5-10 minutes works for you young guys out there, but for the 50-plus crowd it takes a wee bit longer to get excited. Fifty plus isn't old, but to focus and concentrate can take up to thirty minutes. Add a little foreplay, do your business and it times out right at 59 minutes which is just enough time have one leg in your trousers and off you go.

I would never pay for sex and think Govenor "Spock Ears" has some definite rage and anger issues going on. For future political sex lessons, he should watch "Blazing Saddles" which featured Mel Brooks starring as the "GUV" chasing around Madeline Kahn in his office with his sport coat and black socks on. It's a "Good Look" and would save him a whole lot of cash and embarrassment.

The good guys that we are on Living Large, we would even throw in a pair of sandals. Now, THAT is a "Good Look."

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Geoff Pinkus

Where Do You Winter?

2/26/2008   Comment on This

Have you ever been to a stuffy cocktail party? Of course you have. In the course of trying to promote my radio show, I now go to events or parties I never would attend if I were just a regular schmuck. Now that I am embarking on a radio career I have to "get around" as they say in many social circles. I guess I shouldn't complain. I get a chance to talk about my true love (no not me) which happens to be radio.

The great thing about radio is that you have to use your imagination and “think” - what a unique concept in our cocoon world of today.

AnyWHO, I was recently thrown into an event with a high brow crowd when the conversation turned to me and an ugly old broad asked me what I did for a living. Needless to say when I told her I do a Man's Show on the radio she was not too delighted. She asked me how I came up with that concept and I explained to her that for the longest time, the males of the world have become emasculated. With Oprah, Kathy and Judy, the guys in Chicago don't have a chance. I went on to explain the part about being called a “broad” is a good thing in “our radio world.”

I wasn't much of a hit. However, I had a great time pissing off most of the women. The guys seemed to like it, but were afraid of giving their opinions, which is exactly my point for doing the show. Just around the time I was digging a deeper hole with this broad, another snob entered the group and starting asking the question:

“Where do you Winter?”


Of course Naples (way overrated in my opinion unless you are looking for a deal on tucks), Scottsdale, Miami and Vegas were mentioned.

When eye contact was made with me I blurted out “Rockford.”

The ugly broad asked me, "Why Rockford?"

I answered, "Because I need to get away from people like you."

She replied, “You are disgusting.”

I thanked her and walked away with my merlot in check.

Where do you Winter?

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