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Big Possums Walk Late

12/31/2008   Comment on This

As this year winds down, I would like to take a moment to tell the folks out there that anything is possible in the New Year. This blog does have my opinion, but quite frankly I write it to open up the eyes of the "gray" thinkers out there.

In my world, there is black or white. Period. You're either good or evil. This is how the Pinker's mind works. One year ago, I didn't have a job. My real estate show on WIND was canceled on December 15th. I was in real estate. Like I said, I didn't have a job. The radio station gave me a tremendous opportunity to sell for them. They also gave me a couple of hours each week to do my show "Livin Large with Geoff Pinkus" on Sundays from 5-7 PM.

If you think and ACT correctly, anything can happen. In a little less than one year, I have achieved over 100% of my radio budget. Who said times are tough? You just have to work a little longer and smarter to get there. My Sunday show is a massive hit, and starting January 5th at the strike of midnight, which technically is the 6th, I will be doing an overnight show from midnight until 4 in the morning on AM 560 WIND.

For those of you who enjoy radio but don't know the business side, let me explain to you that this is HUGE. Chicago is the number three market in the nation behind New York and LA. This opportunity doesn't just happen. WIND has a huge history and is a major player in the news/talk venue in Chicago. Folks, going from my Sunday show which I will still be doing is like going from Triple A to the major leagues, plain and simple.

I hope you will join the fun starting next week. We'll take calls on the "underdog" shift at 312-642-5600. You can also listen online if you go to this very web site. Just think: a year ago I had little going. With the grace of God and a little work and luck along the way, it's been an amazing year.

If you are in a similar position, just look to me for inspiration. I realize that is a scary thought, but if I can get up off of the ground at 53 years old, you can too.

Speaking of baseball: as Harry Caray used to say when the Cubbies were coming back, "BIG POSSUMS WALK LATE." See you this Monday and have a safe and happy new year.

What are you doing for the New Year? Do you have any resolutions? Contact me to let me know.

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Geoff Pinkus

Good Help is Hard to Find

12/29/2008   Comment on This

One of the topics on last night's show was how to find good sales help. We had Dan Mahony on, who is a national sales manager for a company that sells high-end equipment to dentists. He manages 80 sales people who call on 140,000 dental offices. I would say he is very qualified.

My sales ability is excellent, but my hiring ability sucks. I seem to want it more for my sales people than they want it themselves. Dan advises I have to basically shut up in the interview and stop selling them. Dan also advises that a candidate should prepare by knowing a little bit about the company before they come to the interview. They should pitch me on the radio station and why they should get hired instead of the other way around.

I am also way too impatient in the process and need to ask questions and more questions and keep the candidate talking. They will either talk themselves in or out of the job. There is really no way of monitoring the person's motivation. There are many people who are professional interviewers but aren't worth a damn. By having the candidate talk and talk, hopefully I will be able to read the situation a little better.

I am great in judging a person's character but obviously not too swift on picking the right candidates. I received an e-mail from a listener that said I shouldn't knock the people when I don't go out and sell myself. I do, in fact, go out and talk to sponsors all of the time. They obviously don't know that.

I also love the cowardly way people send an e-mail with no name or e-mail address, so there is no way to respond to their stupidity. If you are going to e-mail me, at least have the guts to leave an e-mail address so I can explain the other side. The phantom e-mailer was right about one thing, though: I kept calling one of my guests Ron when his name was Rich. My bad totally. If the phantom had the stones, they would open themselves up for some confrontation.

Oh my goodness--taking it and giving it. I give it Big Time on the show. I can also take the criticism. I would just like to respond to a person, not a "your name" and have it blank. I hope they keep listening in. There no such thing as bad press. Just ask Amy Jacobson.

If you want to hear my interview with Dan Mahony, go to my podcast page and choose "Hour 1 Part 1" from the December 28 show.

And if you want to contact me, click here.

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Geoff Pinkus

I'll say it: Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

12/24/2008   Comment on This

The holidays are here. It blows my mind that people get offended if someone says Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah. What's the difference and who really cares? The world has gotten so politically correct, it makes me sick. Wishing someone a Merry Christmas or a Happy Hanukkah only means "Have a happy, safe whatever." Why do we always look for trouble? When you look for trouble, you'll find it every time.

I didn't celebrate Christmas until I married out of my faith. Growing up, people wished me a Merry Christmas all the time. I didn't stop and say, "What about the Jews? I don't celebrate the holiday." I merrily went along and wished them Merry Christmas in return.

One should take the meaning of Christmas as a time for celebration, family, friends, love, warmth, and peace. I have a great time during the holidays because our family celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas. My kids are the ones that really make out because there are eight days of Hanukkah. They don't get something huge every night, but they do get a gift. One might say this is a little over-the-top. Quite frankly it is, but my wife and I decided long ago that the kids would be spoiled during the holidays and their birthdays. They don't get an iPhone on a Tuesday in August. I look forward to giving them things because it makes me feel good that we can do a few extra things this time of the year. The economy has affected our family as well, but we set aside a few bucks each month for us to have a good Christmas.

I hope everyone who reads my blog has a safe, happy, and healthy holiday. Things will turn around--they always do. I have good advice that a dear friend once told me that I would like to share with all of you: for the New Year, think only about what you want as opposed to what you don't want or don't have. This applies to all aspects of your life. Adversity prepares us for greatness. You just have to get your head out of the sand to see the opportunity, or you'll miss it. With all the adversity that has come along for people this year, many great things are going to happen to them next year. You truly have to believe and think that way. Are you ready for the opportunity?

Here's the most important thing of all: when the opportunity or idea comes, ACT on it. If you don't, the idea wanes into the atmosphere, and opportunity is lost. You are only a dreamer at that point. You are responsible for you. Only you can make it happen for you. You are responsible for your own happiness in life. Happiness just doesn't come. Happiness is a luxury that you have to pursue. Nothing comes easy. What fun would there be if it did?

Enjoy and have a great time wherever and whatever you are doing. See you on the radio!

Click here to contact me.

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Geoff Pinkus

Some People Wouldn't Know What Gratitude Was Even if It Bit Them

12/22/2008   Comment on This

Last night on our show I had a wonderful opportunity to give away tickets for a spectacular event at the Meadows Club in Rolling Meadows for New Year's Eve. The cost of the tickets is $700 per couple. It includes a full open bar, seven-course dinner, top flight entertainment, a midnight champagne toast, and free valet parking. What else could you want for FREE?

The guy who won the first giveaway asked what kinds of drinks would be served: "What is the liquor situation--call brand or top shelf?"

Are you kidding me? This guy would be at home making a banquet TV dinner for himself and he is picky about the bar? Where is the grace? What about being grateful? I made a joke about the caller, and he e-mailed me saying he hasn't won anything in 25 years and said all of this other B.S. on what he expects. He also said that if I was really Livin' Large, I should smoke a cigar and drink some high-end cocktails during my show. He must not get out much.

Last year on January 1st, the State of Illinois passed a law saying that you could not smoke inside ANY building such as a studio, restaurant, bar, etc. No smoking, period. The only place you can smoke a good cigar is in a cigar lounge that has a special license.

The economy sucks, and people would give anything to get out for a special night with their significant other, and this guy is complaining. Dealing with the public can get old at times. I really don't understand what makes some people tick. You have to work at being grateful and happy. It just doesn't come automatically. I wouldn't be surprised if this listener calls to complain after the event. I feel sorry for whoever he is bringing. The club is absolutely beautiful and the food is great as well.

There are some people you just can't please. Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised. Maybe he'll write me a thank-you note. I better put down the egg nog. What the hell am I thinking?

What are you doing during the holidays? Let me know.

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Geoff Pinkus

Jerry! Jerry!

12/17/2008   Comment on This

A few months back, I had the pleasure of going to a fundraiser for our troops. I met Todd, who produces the Jerry Springer show. He invited the Livin' Large radio crew and me to a taping of the show.

At first I wasn't interested, but Frank E. Boy persuaded me to go to the show. We had VIP seats and were treated like royalty. The perks of being a big time radio host comes in handy from time to time.

The show was absolutely nuts! It was a combination of a circus freak wrestling extravaganza. Where they get those people for the show is beyond me. What blows my mind is that there are people who would stoop to that level to go to a show of that sort for a few minutes of fame. I was embarrassed for them and felt like I needed to take a shower to rinse the stench off. The best part was watching Jerry do the show. Actually, he really has to do nothing. He shows up, reads a few lines from a teleprompter, and has index cards on all of the guests. He has the greatest job in show business. He throws the peanuts to the animals and watches them kill each other for millions of dollars each year. He turns 65 this year and has been doing it for eighteen years. What a gig. He is also very friendly with the audience. Nice to see talent acting like a human being. Unlike most of the audience, he is the only human in the building. The rest of the guests are animals masquerading in human skin. When will people start to get that this doesn't look good on the old resume? Pardon me, I'm not thinking correctly. The prerequisite to get on that show is being illiterate.

Je-rry, Je-rry, Je-rry!

Do you like Jerry Springer? Let me know.

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Geoff Pinkus

Manly Massage

12/15/2008   Comment on This

I realize that we are in a recession but sometimes, especially in these times, it's nice to treat yourself.

I have this great sponsor called Asha Salon. They really know how do do it right. I have had a massage, facial, manicure, and YES a pedicure in the last few weeks. The people who work there are awesome. They are highly trained and they treat you like a king or queen. It's a wonderful way to get away for a mini-vacation. It's quiet and relaxing and a great way to gather your thoughts. It isn't inexpensive, but compared to a small vacation or a couple of nights in the city, it's very reasonable.

These are tough times on the mind. When you go into Asha, you forget about your troubles for awhile, and a person concentrates on *you* for a change. Doesn't that sound nice? The atmosphere is wonderful. You get offered tea or water with cucumber or lemon. You receive a nice hand massage, and they give you a warm neck pillow to relax before your treatment.

If this doesn't sound like your cup of tea, consider getting someone you care about a gift certificate for the holidays. Take care of yourself, and you will be better prepared to take care of the people who are important in your life.

I wasn't one for this kind of thing. But the old saying "Don't knock it 'til you've tried it" certainly applies. My co-host Amy Jacobson is getting a massage this week. She balked when I suggested to her that we do a "platonic" couples massage.

Listen in this Sunday between 5 and 7 PM for the happy details. I am going in for the body elixir (!)--I have no idea what it is, but it sounds intriguing.

Have you ever gone to a spa or had a manicure or massage? Share your story.

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Geoff Pinkus


12/10/2008   Comment on This

With the holiday season upon us, I want you all to know that the choices we make today can haunt us tomorrow.

Please don't drink and drive. I know you've heard it a million times, but if you hurt or kill yourself or someone, the pain is everlasting. Watch the company you keep and the parties you go to. With YouTube, if you make the slightest indiscretion, the whole world will know about it.

Believe me, there are people out there who would sabotage your life. For some reason, misery loves company and for whatever reason at this time of the year, people are a little crazier and more depressed than usual. It's a wonderful time of the year in my book. But not everyone is reading my story.

I really and truly think most people are good. That being said, you must stay on guard until you know people. Don't automatically trust someone as soon as you meet them. What I'm writing might sound a bit mistrusting. It's not intended to be at all. I just think that it's a good reminder, especially about the choices you make and the people you hang around with this time of year.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather and the atmosphere. It's a glorious time.

Write me to let me know how you are doing.

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Geoff Pinkus

A Big Responsibility

12/8/2008   Comment on This

I have been doing my Sunday night radio show for a little over nine months, and I am starting to realize how much of a responsibility it has become. I mean this in the most positive way. Listeners are starting to depend on hearing the show each week.

With my new show starting up January 5th from 12-4 AM, I can just imagine how many people I will be able to keep company and entertain. I like the "underdog" shift. I think overnights have been a throw-away in radio far too long.

As big as Chicago is, we only have one other station with a local show. I realize that we don't have the quantity of people listening, but we do have the quality. In morning and afternoon drive, everyone is rushing to and from work, picking up the kids, making dinner, and going nuts. The overnight shift is quiet. It gives you time to LISTEN. Workers are looking for company, and I have this wonderful opportunity to be it.

I received an e-mail from a listener yesterday complimenting my direct style and wondering what he should tell his friends about wanting to sit out the holiday season. He has no family to speak of (he lost both of his parents and has no brothers or sisters) and wanted to ask me what to tell people when they invite him over.

My advice to him was to either make up a white lie, or be totally honest. If he did make up a white lie, he should stick to it. He could say, "I am going over to my neighbor's house but if something changes, you'll be the first to know."

My own explanation would be something like, "I appreciate the invitation very much, but the holiday time for me is a little bit of a bummer and I wouldn't be good company, so thanks but no thanks." Polite, simple, and direct.

To me this comes easily, but to many people it doesn't. This is the responsibility I am talking about. People look to me to help, entertain, and give my opinion. It is truly an honor and a pleasure, and I can't tell you how much I look forward to doing my new show starting in January to continue this glorious ride.

What do you think? Contact me--I like reading emails!

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Geoff Pinkus

My New Overnight Show!

12/3/2008   Comment on This

I am very excited to announce that I will be doiing an overnight show starting January 5th from midnight until 4 AM, five days a week, Monday through Friday, on AM 560 WIND.

Chicago is the THIRD largest radio market in the country. At the present time, there is only one other local show on overnight. The radio market in all areas is taking a bath. Syndication is practically a reality on all radio stations all over the country. It's very cost-effective for stations but adds no local flavor to the city. Chicago is a "homer" town. We are too big to care what goes on all over the country. That is why it's so incredible that I have this chance to entertain and inform the 3rd shift.

I have nothing but respect for the truckers, nurses, doormen, convenient store workers, etc. who work that shift. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

That being said, in this economy with people being negative about the sky falling, it goes to show that if you think positive, work hard, and maintain a good work ethic, good things can happen.

The media preaches doom and gloom. This is what sells for some reason. Don't listen to the news or read the papers if you're going to be affected by it. I know what's going on. How can you avoid not knowing? The key is to literally put the horse blinders on and go forward.

The rich get rich because they know that a long-term strategy is the key to life. They believe in family and friends. They realize good and bad is going to happen. The biggest thing they do is stay the course. You must stay the course and not constantly react to every bad thing you hear.

My show is going to be fun and positive. Please tell all of the people you know that they have a friend at night starting January 5th on AM 560 WIND, from midnight until 4 AM. If all goes well, I will be on until 5!!

What do you want to hear on my new show? Contact me and let me know!

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Geoff Pinkus

My House, Animal House

12/1/2008   Comment on This

AHHHH--The kids are back in college. I loved every minute of both my kids being home for Thanksgiving. That being said, the house was tossed upside down.

My son had a party that would have made the Animal House movie proud. There were wall-to-wall kids that made Disney World look vacant. I have to say, I don't miss those when they are away. My son is a chip off the old block. A real BS artist.

He told my wife and myself how much he appreciates us sending him to a good school. Our reward was tickets to some downtown comedy club. On Thanksgiving he said, "Mom and Dad, I love you and here are some tickets. Happy Thanksgiving."

On the way downtown, my wife and I were beaming that our son was finally starting to mature. Yeah right. We had a great time, and when we got home, we had to walk a block just to get to the house. Wall-to-wall cars. The word was out: the Pinkuses are having a party!

The next day, the basement was trashed. Dirty carpeting, cigar ashes, and a whole array of other souvenirs. Being an empty-nester is not so bad after all.

I can't wait to see what's in store for the Christmas holidays. He'll be back in 17 days, but who's counting?

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Geoff Pinkus

Have a Laugh

11/26/2008   Comment on This

If you go on to the homepage of my website, you will see a hilarious picture of me not wearing any pants with my suit coat on. The other day I went to work out at the gym that is in the radio station's office building. I took the usual toiletries, suit, socks, shoes, etc. After my shower, I was dressing and discovered that my pants were not on the hanger that my suit coat was on. Oh my God!!

I would have left and gone home immediately, but the station had a mandatory meeting. If I left and went home, I would have not made it back on time. So being The Pinker, I went through the building in my shorts and suit coat. BEAUTIFUL. People on the elevator thought I lost my mind. I came into the station and immediately went to our GM and asked him permission to leave for obvious reasons. He declined and I showed up in my uniform.

Everyone had a great laugh, including me, and I realized in these tough economic times, that I was able to deliver some comic relief at my expense. I never had minded in the past and quite frankly enjoyed people being more embarrassed for me than I was embarrassed for myself.

I actually wasn't embarrassed. I thought it was funny and got to thinking that most people take themselves way too seriously. Lighten up a little. We are ALL flawed creatures that make mistakes daily. Laugh at yourself. It's quite healthy. It keeps you grounded and makes you realize that we all make mistakes. Be thankful that God made us flawed. Wouldn't it be boring if we were all so perfect?

Enjoy yourself and Happy Thanksgiving.

I'll still be checking my email during the holiday weekend so contact me and say "hello"!

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Geoff Pinkus

Be Thankful!

11/24/2008   Comment on This

Back in the Depression and the days when Americans had way less money, people had to deal with people because this is all they had. Because of financial hardship, many families were extended and had to live with each other, especially when we had World War II apartments and housing was very tough to come by.

Money in many cases separates us, for what ever reason. Jealousy, competition, keeping up with the Joneses. Back in the day, we all knew our neighbors. How many of us can say that today? Most of us hardly have anything to do with our neighborhood because we pull into our fancy garage and close the door. I'm not saying that having a few bucks isn't a good thing or that there is such a thing as poor and happy.

All I am saying is that in these tough economical times, itís time to rely on people, not the mighty dollar. Itís time to learn not to define one's self on the net worth that thy possess. Many folks, especially men, do this. Hopefully we learn that our families and friends are the most important things in life. Things will get better--they always do.

The pendulum has swung a little more than usual, but things will come back. We live in the greatest country in the world. This week count your blessings, give your spouse a little more love. Tell your kids how much you love them. Find out who lives next door to you. I hope all of our listeners out there have the greatest Thanksgiving. God bless this great country and all of you.

Feel free to say hello to me--I love hearing from listeners!

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Geoff Pinkus

Thanksgiving Thinking

11/19/2008   Comment on This

With Thanksgiving approaching and many college students returning home to enjoy the holiday, I started to think back about the parents and kids I have met through the years. I always loved the kids, but the parents (in many cases) and their views on life (at least in my neck of the woods) seemed to get on my nerves.

Today's mommies and daddies are all about making the kids feel good. "Oh my gosh--the teacher yelled at my child!" or "The coach benched my son or daughter who, by the way, will be going pro some day."

Yeah right--your kid and every other kid. What the hell is wrong with some life lessons for the youngsters today? Do you think parents today are doing the kids a favor by them always having to feel good?

I get sick and tired of this crap. Be honest with them. Crap happens, and will, to all of us from time to time. Lets face it: life is hard, period. We have to work at happiness and not let the everyday stuff get us down. That's right: work. It's not a dirty word. Entitlement is. Look around you. Kids today feel like they are entitled more than ever. Who raised them this way?

Another pet peeve is the parents that come from the school of "not my child": "He would never do drugs, have sex, drink, whatever."

Wake up!!! The school you should come from is "so far, so good". For example, both of my kids have caused my wife and myself little or no grief. One is 21 and one is 18, and both are in college. When someone asks me how the kids are, I say "So far so good, they are great." Thanks for asking. I don't go around like Mr. Parent saying "My kid would never do this or that" or "My kid is the best".

You never know. Things can change in a blink of an eye...Keep this in mind Mom or Dad when you have the holier than thou attitude. You think it's the light at the end of the tunnel? Incorrect--it's the train coming down the track. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Feel free to contact me to let me know what you think.

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Geoff Pinkus

Why I'm Thankful

11/17/2008   Comment on This

We were Livin' Large last night on the show. We had delicious gourmet food delivered to us by our friends from Carlos Restaurant in Highland Park, Illinois. They have carried a superb 5-star rating for their outstanding cuisine.

We had the owner, Carlos, and his lovely wife, Debbie, on the program. To complement the great food, Tom Jeris from the International House of Wine and Cheese in Richmond, Illinois poured some great wine.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I am very thankful that we get a chance to inform and entertain our audience each and every Sunday. Amy Jacobson is finally getting the hang of radio. Taking yourself seriously with me is bad for business. Amy is now having a great time. Sometimes these local celebrities have to get a small dose of reality. We are happy to oblige on the "Man's Show".

Listen to my show at my podcast page.

Contact me and tell me what you think of the show.

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Geoff Pinkus

Bail Out

11/12/2008   Comment on This

What are we teaching our kids if we constantly are bailing out the businesses that made terrible decisions? I don't want to see workers lose their jobs. That being said, take GM for an example. The workers and the union stuck it to them so much that there is $1500 PER CAR of health benefits for each worker in a General Motors car compared to $115 worth of health benefits in a Toyota.

I am no foreign car lover, but we all vote with our wallets. Why should we pay for less quality and more money just because of a GM car? They made bad business decisions, period. If they go, they go, period.

Should the government also bail out the morons who signed the mortgage papers without realizing what was at stake? Where is the accountability? Should I tell my kids that if they make a bad decision and not study, only to get a bad grade on a test, that Daddy will run and complain to the professor?

This country really has gotten soft. It has nothing to do with being a Democrat or Republican. Remember Harry Truman? His nickname was "Give em hell Harry." He was one tough customer whose motto was "The buck stops here." I know times have changed, but certain principles apply. Don't blame other people for your mistakes. Be accountable. Seek wisdom and take action and you will live a productive life.

Email me and tell me what you think.

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Geoff Pinkus

Off the Plane

11/10/2008   Comment on This

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Oprah Winfrey were flying on Obama's private plane. Obama looked at Oprah, chuckled and said, "You know, I could throw a $1,000 bill out of the window right now and make somebody very happy."

Oprah shrugged her shoulders and replied, "I could throw ten $100 bills out of the window and make ten people very happy."

Michelle added, "That being the case, I could throw one hundred $10 bills out of the window and make a hundred people very happy."

Hearing their exchange, the pilot rolled his eyes and said to his co-pilot, "Such big-shots back there. I could throw all of their asses out of the window and make 56 million people very happy."

Think this is funny? Let me know.

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Geoff Pinkus

Manners Matter

11/5/2008   Comment on This

With the holidays coming up, I have been thinking about my kids coming home. They both go to major universities.

I was at a party the other night, and the topic of conversation was where all of our kids go to school. It's amazing to me the "bragging" rights that parents have about where their kids go to school: "Mine goes to Illinois," "My kid goes to Stanford," "My kid goes to Harvard." Blah, blah, blah--you get the idea.

Frankly, school is overrated, but you have to go. It's overrated BUT you have to go. So many of our successful people such as Bill Gates didn't finish college. The only thing that separates us from one college to the next is our first job. I would take a kid with will over skill any day. It's not where you go, it's what you do with the degree.

I am not saying one should not do their best to get into a good school. It's just that instead of pressuring their child about where to go to school, the pressure should be on them to have some good manners and social skills. Shake an adult's hand firmly. Look them in the eye. Have some grace. Say: "Hello, how are you? It's nice to see you," "It's nice to meet you," etc.

It's amazing to me that many kids from ALL areas would get an F in social skills. Good school, bad school, sad school--if Mommy and Daddy don't start to teach these kids social skills and manners, Obama or no Obama, this country is in a heap of trouble.

Do you agree? Let me know what you think!

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Geoff Pinkus

Will there be riots?

11/3/2008   Comment on This

Wow! Last night's show was explosive.

One of my guests was Paul Huebl, who is a former Chicago cop. He now resides in California and works as a private investigator in California and Arizona. He is from the old Mayor Daley era: shoot and ask questions later. Paul has strong ties to the Chicago Police force and predicts a major riot in Grant Park whether Obama wins or loses. He feels Mayor Daley is nuts to encourage the citizens of Chicago to go to Grant Park--the past history of the Chicago Bulls championships and the Martin Luther King assassination†is fueling his opinion.

The phones lit up for both sides. The Chicago Police force rank and file is at an all-time low. They are working without a contract, and many of the areas that need two-man cars have one. Chicago is becoming the murder capital of the country because of the depleted police force. More officers each day are retiring and new officers aren't being added at the pace needed to keep our great city safe.

Many callers agreed with Paul, but many also felt he was a racist. I don't know how he could have been accused of racism. He was just giving out the facts, ma'am. Our last caller who was African-American was the best when he went on record saying, "Man they are gonna tear e'm up."

Enough said. Talk radio is a riot. (No pun intended)

You can listen to my November 2 interview with Paul at my Podcast page (click on Hour 1 Part 1).

What do you think? Let me know!

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Geoff Pinkus

Obama's Redistribution Plan in Action

10/29/2008   Comment on This

The other day, I went out for lunch with a friend to a pretty nice restaurant in the City. On my way in, I encountered a homeless gentleman with an Obama button on his shirt. When I arrived at the restaurant, we were seated by a hostess that was an Obama supporter as well. She was wearing an Obama tie. The waiter ALSO was wearing an Obama tie and button.

The one thing I noticed about the two restaurant workers is that they were under 25. As much as I am against Obama, I have to admit he has done one helluva job going after the young idealistic voter.

When lunch was over, I went outside and delivered my tip to the homeless man. I had fun making our waiter work his ass off: "I need more water. Can you bring over some hot sauce? Why is the portion so small?" etc.

I am not in the habit of doing this, but I have to admit it was fun. I purposely wanted to make the point of income distribution. The waiter worked very hard for his tip. The homeless guy is a lazy bum preying on people for handouts.

Welcome to voting for Obama and his philosophy. I went back into the restaurant and could see that the waiter was really pissed off that I stiffed him. I confronted him with what just happened and he told me to go F myself. I guess the truth does hurt.

What do you think? Let me know!

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Geoff Pinkus

Man Boobs

10/27/2008   Comment on This

Amy Jacobson, my co-host on the Livin Large Show, is starting a segment each week on men's news. This week, plastic surgery was the topic of conversation.

The number one plastic surgery for men is breast reduction. Oh my man boobs.

I always swore that I would never have plastic surgery. That being said, if my boobs started to sag, I would go under the knife. I can't imagine taking my shirt off at the pool and having breasts. The thought of it makes me sick. If I had a big nose or a large ass or many other flaws from God, I wouldn't have surgery.

The only preventive surgery I did have was a vasectomy. I had no choice in that matter. It was either getting cut off from sex or getting cut. I chose option B. Women, in my opinion, use sex as a weapon. Unfortunately it works. That's why I do the Man's Show.

You can listen to the October 26 show with Amy's new Men's News segment at my Podcast page.

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Geoff Pinkus

My Pal Sal

10/22/2008   Comment on This

I had Salamander, who is Dennis Miller's sidekick/co-host, on my show. Sal loves a great martini. When they do the show, Dennis Miller is in a different location, but it sounds like they're sitting next to each other.

Next time I talk to him, I want to ask him if he drinks while he does the show, and also how he got the name Sal. I know his real name is David Weiss.

I should try to get him on again--I'll let you know when.

You can listen to my September 21 interview with Sal at my Podcast page (click on Hour 1 Part 1).

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Geoff Pinkus

Joe and Doprah

10/20/2008   Comment on This

Yesterday, I had Joe Jammer on the show, who's an accomplished guitar player. Joe has played in many bands for the past several years. He said Ringo Starr is the most down-to-earth musician he has played with.

He also accompanied Joe Cocker for a couple of weeks, who was acid tripping the whole time he played with him. Joe also played with Led Zeppelin and was a roadie for The Who when he started.

He dished a little dirt about Oprah: Joe received a call from Oprah's people, who asked him to do a guitar sound track for the show. Joe gave them his fee and Oprah balked, claiming he should do it for nothing so it would look good on his resume. Excuse me, Ringo and the rest of the gang. He doesn't need Doprah. Joe did the gig anyway just because he is a good guy.

I wouldn't have done it. Would the infamous self-righteous Doprah work for free? Yeah right.

You can listen to my October 19 interview with Joe at my Podcast page (click on Hour 1 Part 1).

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Geoff Pinkus

I Wanted More

10/15/2008   Comment on This

This week I interviewed Phillip Carlo, whoís written several books on crime. His latest book is Gaspipe: Confessions of a Mafia Boss, which marks the first time a mob family member has granted complete and total access to a journalist.

Phillip Carlo actually grew up right next to Gaspipe, a guy who has inside information on what happened to Jimmy Hoffa and John F. Kennedy. Gaspipe had a stranglehold on the unions and had a very good but unusual relationship with the Russian mob. He hired police officers to carry out killings for him.

Philip also wrote the book The Ice Man. The Ice Manís name is Richard Kuklinski, who had a hand in over 200 contract mob killings. The trail of murder lasted over thirty years and took Kuklinski all over the earth including Brazil, Asia, and Europe. Along the way he got married and had three children and was even active in his church, but his family never suspected a thing.

Philip had me on the edge of my seat and made me and my listeners want more.

You can listen to my October 12 interview with Philip at my Podcast page (click on Hour 1 Part 1 and Hour 1 Part 2).

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Geoff Pinkus

Too Much Heat

10/13/2008   Comment on This

Sometimes I get crazy e-mails from my listeners. One guy from the South wanted to say "F-you" to my face but didn't have the guts to leave his phone number or e-mail address. Typical sneaky Southerner who can give it but can't take it.

The other one was from a trucker in Texas who told me that sandals is an acceptable form of shoe if you live in a hot place. I disagree.

He didn't want to leave me his cell phone number because he was "afraid" that I would do a prank phone call. This guy sounds like the Teamsters should throw him out. I am extremely respectful of truckers in this country--they haul our goods 24 hours a day, coast to coast. But this Yo-Yo wears sandals and doesn't have the stones to leave me his number, yet says he's funny and wants to come on my show.

I think he's been in the heat too long.
Photo credit:

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Geoff Pinkus

Don't Be Rude

10/8/2008   Comment on This

I had Mike Adamle on my show this week. Mike has been in TV for close to thirty years. He now subs on NBC 5 now and then, and has worked for CBS 2 and ABC 7. He is the General Manager of the WWE--it's the number one rated show on the USA network.

That being said, when he is asked to be on a radio show, he should respect the host and appreciate the opportunity to plug his show.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. He was in a loud locker room making chit-chat with the wrestlers during the interview. When I asked a question, he said, "What? I didn't hear that." That is extremely rude and bad etiquette amongst broadcasters. Can you imagine doing that to him? Not a chance. He would have one of his wrestlers body slam you.

You can listen to my October 5 interview with Mike at my Podcast page (click on Hour 1 Part 1).

What do you think? Tell me!

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Geoff Pinkus

Happy Trails!

10/6/2008   Comment on This

What's up with the people who ride those damn bicycles, especially on the weekend?! Don't they realize that the road is for cars?!

When you have to get into the other lane and possibly have a head-on, they could care less. If you give them the slightest horn, you get the finger.

With the world becoming an angrier place these days because of the economy and all that is going on, these folks better watch out. One day they will become casualties of road rage, and I hate to say it. It's the only thing that I think will cure them.

Happy trails.

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Geoff Pinkus

Rick Kaempfer is Livin Large

10/1/2008   Comment on This

I had Rick Kaempfer on the show this past Sunday. Rick is a former producer who has worked with the Greats in Chicago radio. I enjoyed talking with him, but the fun part was off the air. We got the "411" on the diva radio personalities in Chicago.

It's truly amazing--instead of being grateful for being able to talk for a living, some of our hosts think their crap doesn't stink. Don't they get it? When they get canned, their reputation follows.

Oh, I forgot--they are Talent. They can do anything they want. The trouble is in radio, now more than ever, one must go the extra mile to be advertising-friendly and promote their show on their own time. It's a business, not a job. Unfortunately, Talent for the most part doesn't get it.

You can listen to my September 28 interview with Rick at my Podcast page (click on Hour 2 Part 1).

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