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Doprah - There she goes again...

9/4/2009   Comment on This

Oprah (doprah) closing down ChicagoThere she goes again. Our friend Doprah has waved her magic wand and is going to shut down the city off of Michigan Avenue between Wacker and Ohio. Da mayor says he wishes he could do this every day! What a combo Da Mayor and Doprah. They could care less about the residents, workers and businesses that will be affected.

When is someone going to stop this horse?

There is a website out called All of you Oprah suckers out there think she is a real sweetheart. From what I understand the Queen makes you sign documents about what you can say about her. What is she hiding? People say she is going to pay for the cost of the shutdown.

Will she be paying businesses the lost revenue?
What about the inconvenience of the residents?

Mayor Daley (Da Mayor) says he wishes he could do this every day!Da mayor loves it because it puts the city in a national spotlight on TV.

Itís all B.S. to me. Image here is the key. It doesn't matter what goes on in the city as long as it looks great. Look at our coppers. They are running around with squirt guns without a contract. They sure look good in uniform though. I would like to see Doprah in a cop uniform.


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Geoff Pinkus

The Pinker is Back!

8/19/2009   Comment on This

Took a little hiatus from blogging this summer and now The Pinker is back!

It amazes me the lack of guts people have in today's society. It seems like fear is running things nowadays. What ever happened to the resolve of the American people? Why do so many people want to depend on the government for things? Is life weak? Is God weak? We are all God's children in one way, shape or form. People don't want to believe that they can do things anymore.

I CANíT get a job...
I CAN'T lose weight...

Where is your belief system that You Can? If you think You Can't youíre right every time and you will wonder in mediocrity for the rest of your life. Herein lies the deal: You must never quit and must believe in yourself no matter what turn in life youíre at. Fear is false evidence appearing real. Fear is a vapor in your life nothing else. Adversity is a test to see if you pass or fail. Sadly, today people are "throwing in the towel" waiting for God (or someone) to help them. God is waiting for you.

Itís a stand-off. The only way you can help yourself is to get moving. Whether you have to fix a relationship, lose weight, make more money whatever, stop being a baby. Get off your ass and get moving and for crying out loud have some resolve. A lot of the negativity in the media that spells fear is all nonsense. If it smells it sells. Good stuff doesn't get reported. Good stuff in, good stuff out.

Stay away from the media and cleanse awhile; Detox, if you will.

Read a book, play with you kids. How about having a good positive conversation with a friend or your better half? Believe what you want and ďlive itĒ and good things will happen if you act. Bad things will continue to happen if you don't move, think negatively or don't act. If you think this is hocus-pocus, look at your life and tell me I am wrong if youíre not taking the proper steps to prosperity in all of the areas of your life.

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Geoff Pinkus

Interview with Simon Badinter: "The French Guy"

7/9/2009   Comment on This

This week, Margaret got the chance to ask Simon some questions--he's the only French guy on American radio. Listen to the interview at her blog.

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Geoff Pinkus

Raise Your Standards

7/7/2009   Comment on This

We have really lowered our standards when it comes to celebrities. A celebrity in my book should be someone who has accomplished something in the media. Like Jon and Kate. They had eight kids. They are now headed to divorce court. Big deal. People sit around and watch these two morons raise kids. This Kate "broad" ordered Jon around like he was a maid. No wonder he cheats on her. Who wouldn't? This is a celebrity?

Then take the rich Paris Hilton. I was flipping around on the television yesterday, and she and the worthless Kathy "plastic" Griffin were shopping, and there were camera crews and security following them. Paris Hilton is a member of the lucky sperm club. That's it. This is a celebrity? Oh yeah, one more example: Denise Richards, who was married to Charlie Sheen. She was better off with him than doing a reality series that is soon to be canceled.

Why does the public make celebrities out of these people? The American public is pathetic. It's obvious their lives suck, so they plow energy into worthless people who can't do a damn thing for them. I just read that the list to see the King of Molesters has grown to over one million people to have a lottery chance to go to the memorial service. To see what? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Jamie Fox are all talking about Michael Jackson. Look at the time energy and cost that entails. On top of that, over half a million people will be standing outside mourning.

If the public spent their time with a book or volunteering or actually looking for a job, their energy would be put to better use. Being honest is not always the most popular thing, but it is the truth. People keep saying this is the greatest country to live in. I do wonder. I really do.

Are you caught up in all this celebrity stuff? Let me know.

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