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Get a grip on things

12/31/2009   Comment on This

Look at yourself in the mirror pal.

You - Yes YOU.

Get a grip on things.

I am so tired of people whining and bitching about 2009 and this past decade. Does anyone say anything positive? Hey it was a great year. I'm alive and well and have two arms and two legs to go out and make something happen. Create your own economy perhaps? What a novel idea... Stop watching that idiot in office who rules to the weak hearted. I don't like getting to political in these blogs but it is so clear that he wants us to depend on the government. It’s like being thirsty in the Sahara and here comes Obama with a glass of water to quench you thirst. You’re the moron that went to the desert on his advice in the first place. This country was not founded on depending on someone else. That is pure weakness and laziness. Stop watching Entertainment Tonight and putting your energy into Oprah and “The Stars” that don't give a rat’s ass about you.

George CostanzaGod gave you a brain that is a zillion times stronger than a computer.
Use it.

Resolve to depend on you for a change instead of hating your boss. Most people can't stand their boss. If that’s the case don't blame him/her - you took the job. Go out and use your brain and rescue yourself. All the government is going to do is keep preying on the weak. Get smart. Do the opposite like George Costanza. Dare I say, you should be accountable in this world for the actions YOU took? Blaming is a terrible waste of energy.

Just yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine that said her mother never got over her divorce FORTY years ago. She blamed her dad for this, that and the other thing. The woman is now eighty three. Now I ask you out in “blog land” - what is the point of all of this misdirected energy? Did she say yes when he proposed? He may be a loser at this or that but she said yes. Does the EX see and feel her hatred day to day? Who did she screw? Herself of course...

Get off of you ass and change your loser attitude and you won't have to make any resolutions ever again. Things will come to you, take action and you'll be fine. Enjoy 2010 and kick some ass. See you on my podcasts and on the radio.

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Geoff Pinkus

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

12/13/2009   Comment on This

AHH... the most wonderful time of the year - the holidays.

I do enjoy the holidays like most of you but I have to admit to me sometimes they are more trouble than they are worth. You only know what you know and being raised Jewish it was a low maintenance holiday. You light the menorah, it takes one minute. You throw your kid a small gift and move on. There are eight nights of Hanukkah: one small gift for eight nights. If you were good you may have gotten a "big" gift at the end of Hanukkah. On Christmas, our family went to a movie and then out for Chinese food because that was the only restaurant open at the time.

Merry Hanukkah from Santa PinkerWhen I got married things changed because I married a catholic girl. My first attempt at church was not very successful. I thought the Catholics had it right with the "foot rests". I discovered they were for kneeling purposes and received many dirty looks.

I never quite understood about all of the gifts. Why so much I asked my wife? She just told me to shut up and go along with the program; marriage truly is give and take.

The tree was another concern. I had to schlep that horse in and put it in the round stand? I don't get it -working for the holidays. Then we trim the tree. Careful now, the ornaments are everything.

Shopping for several people beside my family?
What did I get myself into?

Going into debt for a holiday?

Things started to turn around when we had kids. To see them walk down the steps with the look on their faces when Santa came was priceless. Bribing them to be good or Santa would not be as nice was a great specialty of mine. I wouldn't trade all of the experiences I had for anything. The bottom line is: appreciate other peoples’ cultures, laugh at yourself along the way and remember no mayo on corned beef kids or I get to laugh at you.

Have a safe fun happy holiday.

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Geoff Pinkus

Don't Be Bullied Into Following the Masses

11/18/2009   Comment on This

I love reading about stories of kids in our schools. I read today about some kid in Arkansas who didn't want to say the pledge of allegiance. This has nothing to do with my blog but it sparked me thinking about my son in school before he went off to college. When he played hockey on the high school team in his freshman year some kid started to bully him. He is not the type of kid to get bullied, but none the less this other kid was a year older than him and outweighed Harrison (my son).

I remember telling him the bullshit of humoring the kid and see if that worked. I knew it wouldn't. Bullies need to get knocked on their ass to get the message across. When he came home from practice one night he had a big scar on his face. Is that from ... I asked? What do you think was his reply? Always the wiseass; wonder where he gets that from?

I then went into the parent manual which told me to say “hey buddy why don't you try to just talk to him and let him know your teammates think enough is enough”.

Another gash to his forehead...

This time I said if the kid starts up with you again kick his ass. He may kill you, but he'll go onto the next victim I promise you that. The following Friday night all of the kids were at school at a soccer game and Mr. Bully started up again and Harrison closed his eyes and hit him smack dab in the lip. One should never strut up in front of the ladies.

The kid took five stitches and my son took a three day suspension.

AHHH, isn't life fair. Here is my point. Life isn't fair. Never was or will be. You have two choices. Either to be a wuss and take it from your spouse or boss or whoever – or don’t.

Here is the deal, the boss, bully, corporation feels they always have the upper hand and can give you crap. What are you going to do about it buddy? My advice is don't take any crap from anybody. Most folks don't live this way because they live in fear. Most of you reading this probably live this way. You all have a voice out there. Use it. I am not suggesting you give them five stitches to the lip. What I am suggesting is that you start to look inward instead of outward and do something about a situation if you’re in one. If you want to change anything in your life look in not out. You have to be strong because you will be in the minority with the Pinker.

Believe me, its a good place to be.

Remember this as well - 1% makes up 96% of the wealth.

Following the masses is not the way to go. Don't do what everyone else is doing. Go against the trend. Yeah, people will laugh and knock you, but that's because they don't have the stones to stand up. Ask yourself, do you want to be like the 96% or the 1% in anything you do? It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. Enjoy the three days off. Thanks Boss.

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Geoff Pinkus

Smoke and Mirrors for the Corporate Slave

11/13/2009   Comment on This

Its Friday folks - The day you get to go to work and be casual. Doesn't that feel good! This is a little tidbit of freedom you get when you work for the big corporation. It’s a bunch of nonsense. Don't be fooled for one minute. Its smoke and mirrors for the corporate slave. YOU!!!

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to do what you wanted to do everyday?

Everyone has it inside of them. It’s just a question of having the courage to go out and do your own thing. The reason one feels great one Friday is because you feel some freedom. The weekend is coming and you get to wear pretty much what you want to work. This is not really your fault. We have been trained since we were little children. Grow up, get a JOB and try to live a decent life. Did anyone ever tell you when you were small to go for it? If you did something out of the ordinary people told you that you were crazy to be thinking differently. Corporations could care less about you. They don't encourage you. It’s all about them.

Do you think they care about your family?
They could give a rat's ass.

You are just a number, sorry to say. You’re there to get your boss a bonus. The ones that succeed sell their souls to big brother and could care less what happens to you. They give you the B.S. about how much you are valued and then either fire you or cut your salaries. That is why America is so miserable. They eat and drink and do drugs to numb their pain.

They don't feel like they have a voice. I encourage all of you, for thirty minutes a day, to do some personal development. Read a book, watch a tape, journal. Find your self and your voice and stop letting these people take your life. Take some action. Do something for yourself today. Everybody says you should exercise. I suggest you exercise your mind as well as your body.

When is the last time someone suggested that?

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Geoff Pinkus

Remember: can't never could

11/8/2009   Comment on This

Lets face it folks. Most public corporations suck... Plain and simple. Not all of them, but most.

The Pinker on his soapboxI don't care what industry it is. The corporation of today has the P/C mentality not to mention all people do is try to cover their ass so they don't get fired. We all know most people hate their "jobs". They go to work hating what they do and work for a check. Thats the way it is but doesn't have to be that way. Each and every one of you reading this blog has or had a dream. With the recession at hand now is a good time to take a good look at yourself and at least consider "going for it" instead of looking to be a slave at a corporation.

At one time, the so called corporations appreciated you as an employee. Then, little by little they started taking things away; your voice as well. God forbid if your boss asks you a question - its only to hear what they want to hear.

That is P/C.

Its basically lying in the nicest sense. Then at work there is always the moron that has no talent but has some power and knows it. They are beauties throwing you under the bus to save their souls. Gone is the creativity.

The mentality is: "lets play not to lose instead of playing to win."

What a lousy way to live.

I think that is why so many Americans are miserable today. Even if its a hobby or something that you always wanted to do - give it a try. If you're unemployed, you have no excuse.

Remember: can't never could.

If you think you can't, you're right. If you think you can, you can. Don't keep letting these dopes steal your thunder. You have a voice in the world. There are many ways to be heard.

Go for it!!

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Geoff Pinkus

Sick of P/C in the Media

10/30/2009   Comment on This

I just read that Josh Mora who works for Comcast is not going to get his contract renewed after it expires in February. The reason is a bunch of P/C crap.

“We have decided not to renew his contract. It was an internal decision,” Comcast says.

That’s a bunch of crap. The fact of the matter is: Josh wrote a blog about Dale Tallon who was the Hawks GM until he got canned. He only took them to the Western Conference finals last year. I didn't read the blog but it seems that Josh gave his opinion that the firing was bull. The Blackhawks apparently didn't like this opinion and bye-bye Josh. I think Josh broke the story as well.

Josh MoraJosh is part of the media and the Blackhawks should have a thicker skin. I love the Hawks and hockey but Tallon did get screwed - plain and simple. This has nothing to do with Stan Bowman the new GM whose daddy, by the way, is Scotty Bowman who won several Stanley Cups and is a senior advisor to the Hawks.

Now the media is being censored? A few years back Steve Stone who is the best analyst in baseball ruffled Dusty Baker and he also went bye-bye along with Chip Caray. When are these stations going to stand up and grow some stones? The Hawks SUCKED for years. Now that they have a couple of good seasons they put a guy out on the street? They canned Denis Savard a few games into the season last year. No loyalty. It did work out for them but loyalty is a thing of the past. If you don't say the right thing you’re gone.

How sickening is that?

That’s why P/C to me is just a form of a lie. You don't dare tell the truth or you’re out. Even if it’s in a blog or when you’re on the beat, managers and bosses only want to hear what they want to hear. The next time you’re in a meeting, take my advice. Have the attitude: “yes sir, yes sir three bags full.” Tell them what they want to hear and get the hell out of there. In today's environment it’s all about CYA (cover your ass).

What a shame.

We teach our kids not to lie and then we are the biggest hypocrites and lie all day long to keep our jobs. Get smart - get out and find something you love and pursue it. These corporations are robbing us of our souls.

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Geoff Pinkus


10/28/2009   Comment on This

Who in the hell came up with this LOL crap?

When you’re in a conversation after you say something funny (so you think) do you say LOL out loud?

Of course not.

The Grim PinkerOr the other one is ha ha ha. If someone thinks what you say is funny you either laugh or you don't. Why coax a reaction from the other person especially when you can't see their face?

I don't get it.

When we do the "Man’s Show” we don't say something like “Doprah is an idiot - LOL LOL ha ha ha”. That is seriously one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. When someone LOLs me I delete them.

Most people think they are funny and they aren't. Take Jimmy "The hat" for instance. He is Frank E. Boy's friend. I say that because Frank E. is always defending the guy. I'm his friend too but he makes me nuts when he tells jokes that are older than the water cooler and the coffee maker put together. He’s like Red Skelton. Remember him - the only guy that laughs at his own jokes? He LOLs himself to death. I know this blog seems a wee bit cruel but I can't be the only guy that hates LOL and ha ha ha and Red Skelton.

Don't we all have a friend like this?

Next time you think you’re funny, tell a joke, make an ass out of yourself, whatever... See if you get a reaction without you LOLing. Do this for awhile. If no one thinks you’re funny you'll know in a hurry. Then you can start to write a blog and you can use LOL and think you’re funny.

Trick or Treat.

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Geoff Pinkus

Happy Halloween

10/27/2009   Comment on This

The other day, riding through the neighborhood, I noticed a bunch of kids and their parents trick or treating. I thought Halloween was this coming Saturday but they want to have their special day in their subdivision.

The kid rings the bell and I have no candy. The parent looks at me like I am nuts. I may be “a little nuts,” but my kids are grown, I don't live in their subdivision, and the look of entitlement on mommy and daddy's face is overwhelming.

This is my fault I ask?

Why don't you put a note about your "special" day in my mail box so I can make sure I have candy for those little monsters?

I don't get it.

I then go out to get candy and as I drive very carefully in the neighborhood some parent with their 3 or 4 year old kid BEHIND them is walking on the street. Mom has the two dogs on the other side of the street. Why they take Rin-Tin-Tin and Sparky with them is a mystery to me. I thought if dogs eat chocolate they get sick.

This little beautiful girl darts in front of my car to get to mommy and the dogs. Thank God I have my foot on the break pedal going 3-4 MPH. I still missed the kid by an eyelash.

Daddy looks at me with his palms up and has a few choice words for the Pinker like this is my fault. I Have a few choice words for this idiot and explain that the kid should be in front, not behind you.

Accountability? None.

People are always saying” “look at the kids today.”


Look at the parents today. Maybe there is something in the well water. In the meantime no one else comes after I get the candy and my dogs get into the milky ways.

Happy Halloween.

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