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Geoff's Blog: Michael Jackson was a CHILD MOLESTER!


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Michael Jackson was a CHILD MOLESTER!

6/25/2009   Comment on This

"The king is dead. I can't believe it!"
"I am so sad."
"I am flabbergasted."

These are some of the comments I have read on Facebook today. Let me go on record by saying goodbye and good riddance to Michael Jackson. Not because he was nuts or changed his skin color. Not because I didn't like his music. At one time. I loved his music.

He was a CHILD MOLESTER, remember kids? He lit a kidís hair on fire. Gave children a "kiddie cocktail" to put them to sleep and then raped them. He had underage boys sleeping in his bed.

I don't wish bad on anyone, but the public is feeling bad for this guy? What about our troops? We crap on them after they come home from the war. What about the maniacs who run Iran and North Korea? Are you worried about your safety or your county? NO, you are worried about a CHILD MOLESTER.

Why don't you go out and spend the money on some of his music? You don't have to make his estate richer. How quickly we forget. He is a low life that took advantage of the underage population. Who is their voice? Only in California, the great state that acquitted Robert Blake and OJ, could this animal have gotten off. I don't know how they convicted Scott Peterson. I guess there is an exception to every rule.

We in this country put celebrities on a pedestal. They are not heroes, they are entertainers who entertain. The real heroes are our troops. And firemen, policemen, and teachers are taken for granted too.

On top of it all, Michael Jackson blew every penny on nonsense and is not to be admired for his overspending or luxurious lifestyle. You idolize this guy. You put him up to the stars. He is not a star. He is a CHILD MOLESTER that should be buried and forgotten about. That of course won't happen because of the stupid celebrity-worshipping society we have become.

North Korea must be loving this. We take our eye off the ball for this jerkoff while they plan for all of us to land up in Michael Jacksonland: DEAD!!

So am I being cold-hearted? Insensitive? Not showing "The King" respect? Or do you agree? Let me know.

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